Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crash course programming

Well, I suppose like many of the readers of this blog, I never had a formal introduction into programming. Perhaps it is not so bad to take that step back, and do some programming basics.

The programming course using How to Design Programs and its programming environment DrScheme, is actually quite good. It start really simple with calculus, and progresses gently to more difficult topics. The programming environment is made more complex along with the increasing complexity of the course material. DrScheme has several language settings, which hide certain language constructs by making them invalid. In fact, this is a tailored teaching tool for anyone who wants to learn how to program, develop the skills and learn the discipline and methods how to solve problems.

If you haven't received a formal training in computer science, and you have no access to a classroom course, this is the next best thing for study. It isn't glamorous, but I think it is necessary to understand the basics of programming before attempting to write Lua scripts for Anime Studio.

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